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A Long and Proud History of Delivering Revolutionary Ideas in Packaging to our Customers.


Whether you run a small neighborhood bakery, a large commercial operation or something in between, Revere® Packaging has the perfect solution for your cupcakes, muffins, cookies, crackers, and all of your baked goods.

Our full line of Aluminum Foil containers, Plastic Domes, Plastic Clamshell containers, Pie Pans, and Pie Savers are designed to preserve the freshness of your products, protect them in transport, and offer a captivating appearance that is guaranteed to move your products off the shelf and into the homes of your customers - time and time again.


Food Processing

Revere® Packaging will help find the perfect packaging designed to complement your product and increase its value to your customers --whether you're a large, highly-automated enterprise or a specialty craft manufacturing business.

Revere’s custom thermoformed and stock food packaging products are manufactured with consistent quality and uniformity making them reliable for use in both fully and semi-automated processing, as well as in a "handmade" environment.

Have a unique request? We offer custom-manufactured solutions in any size and shape.

Food Service

Lock in freshness and showcase your food products with Revere® Packaging's stock and custom food packaging recyclable solutions. Revere offers an expansive line of carryout Plastic and Aluminum Foil Containers, and Plastic Dome and Foil Board Lids. Our catering trays and matching dome lids are the ideal choice for deli platters, special events, and so much more.

Revere products meet the functional requirements of any full-range food service operator or quality dining establishment, while serving to promote brand loyalty and extend the fine-dining experience into the homes of your most discerning clients.



Revere® Packaging understands the importance of protection, preservation, and convenience for your in-flight meal service. We don’t stop at functionality. Our full-line of packaging will assist you in communicating two key priorities among today’s passengers: freshness and sustainability.

Revere® Packaging offers custom solutions that will cater to your exact specifications and needs.


Whether you're roasting, baking, packing, steaming, pizza-making or catering, Revere's® got you covered. Revere® Packaging has all the requisite items for Supermarket Central Bakeries or In-Store Service Bakeries and Service Delis in our line of sturdy Aluminum Foil Containers and Clear Plastic Packaging.

The packaging needs of supermarket customers is broad and complex, but our 50-plus years of experience gives us the experience and knowledge to ensure that you always get the right products to protect the integrity and quality of your food items.



Revere® Packaging’s custom and stock containers are certain to sweeten the appeal of all your confection products. We offer a wide variety of designs, styles and materials for your confections, including candy bags, wrappers, glassine cups, cookie boxes, clear candy tubes and more in many shapes, sizes, and styles.

Revere® Packaging products are as strong as they are attractive, affording you the confidence and peace of mind that your sweets will arrive at your retailer in “mint” condition.



Whether you are looking for cold salad trays or multiple compartment sealable trays, Revere® Packaging has the perfect solution for your school cafeteria needs. Our attractive, functional, and recyclable packaging options will enhance the appeal of your food service among discerning students at any grade level.

Special requests?  Revere® Packaging can create a custom product that meets your unique needs. We welcome inquiries and the opportunity to serve you.