Meeting The Promise

Of Sustainable Packaging

At Revere® Packaging

We are committed to serving the environmental needs of today and taking the necessary steps to preserve our world for future generations. We are unwavering in our effort reduce the impact of our products on the ecological footprint.  Revere’s engineers endeavor to create eco-friendly packaging solutions, incorporating as much renewable or recycled materials as possible.

Offering materials like Recycled PET (RPET) allows us to reduce our carbon footprint as well as that of our customers. Our PET products also save energy and decrease greenhouse gas emissions as they contain recycled material and are fully recyclable.

Revere® Packaging's Aluminum and Aluminum Foil Containers can be recycled an infinite number of times into the same or other aluminum products with no loss of product performance.

A state of the art solar paneling system on our rooftop supplies approximately 35% of the power required to run our Sacramento operation.